Do you need a second opinion on a diagnostic exam you recently completed?

Our sub specialty expert radiologists are available to give you a clear, and concise online second opinion for your MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Pet, or Mammogram so you can have peace of mind and more clarity on the results of your exam.


Confirm Diagnosis Before Treatment

You're concerned if your doctor is correct and wondering if the diagnosis is correct for your treatment plan.

Conflicting Diagnosis

You have different opinions and not sure what to do now.
Radiologists Second Opinion helps you figure out the correct diagnosis.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about your health shouldn't keep you up at night.
Having an expert give you a second opinion may put your mind at ease.

Symptoms Persist

Your doctor said everything is fine, but symptoms won't go away.
A second opinion from a specialist may give you clarity.

Given an Ambiguous Radiology Report

Having a detailed and thorough report from a leading specialist can help you develop the right plan of action.

Delayed Report & Need Answers Fast

Your issue might be serious, but it's been weeks without answers.
A second opinion can get you answers fast, and let you move forward with treatment.